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The Return of The Kitchen Sink Plug Dilate Pore of Winer!

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  • A Hidden Volcano Cyst

    This patient's cyst is hidden among her tattoo - making it harder to find AND a challenge to stitch. I've got to make sure everything matches up when it's all out.

  • Mining for Pearls of Eruptive Vellus ...

    Eruptive vellus hair cysts appear as multiple, maybe even hundreds of 1-4mm skin-colored or hyper-pigmented dome-shaped papules (raised and swollen areas) on the mid-chest and upper extremities. Vellus hairs are short, fine hairs that line our skin making these cysts common. They tend to be small...

  • A Shoot from the Hip Lipoma

    This lipoma was quick to draw and shot right out! The best kind of pop.