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A Hot Cheeto In The Forehead

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Is It an Eyeball...or Epidermoid Cyst?

Queen of Pop's Picks • 10m

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  • A Hot Cheeto In The Forehead

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    Lipomas are slow-growing, benign (non-cancerous) growths of fat cells. These cells are contained in a thin capsule that creates the appearance of a “bump” right under the skin. Lipomas are typically not tender, move around easily, and don’t require treatment. However, some lipomas may sit in plac...

  • A Jawbreaker Cyst

    An epidermoid cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the face or neck, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. Th...