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  • The She Shed Lipoma

  • "Gonna Need A Bigger Syringe" Pilar Cyst

    This whopper of a pilar cyst presented a bit of a challenge when my patient told me she knew the contents were liquid... I knew this was a job for a syringe BEFORE a squeeze!

  • A Final Squeeze For A Recurring Cyst

  • A Popaholic Conversion Cheek Cyst

    When you're not a Popaholic, but your cheek cyst was so good that you have changed your ways and seen the light... this is how Popaholics are born 😉💥

  • A Close Encounter Hidrocystoma

    Hidrocystomas usually appear near the eye/eyelid area, but this one was an especially close encounter. Can you handle seeing needles so close to the eye?

    Hidrocystomas are benign cyst tumors that are derived from sweat glands. They commonly affect the eyelid, are usually asymptomatic, affect bot...

  • Two Small Cysts in Hiding

    An epidermoid cyst is a non-cancerous growth commonly found on the skin of the face or neck, but can occur anywhere on the body. Just as its name suggests, these cysts occur as a result of epidermal cells, cells from the top layer of your skin a.k.a the epidermis, overgrow in a confined space. Th...

  • A Tangled Shoulder Lipoma

    I thought this superficial shoulder was going to be an easy squeeze, but it had other plans!
    Sometimes, Lipomas get tangled in a "netting" of sorts and it makes them difficult to remove. We got it all though and I know this patient is happy with the results!

    Lipomas are slow-growing, benign (non...

  • Delicate Milia Gems on the Face

    Any procedure near the eye is always delicate and these big milia gems are worth the endeavor!
    This patient of mine is such a trooper. We made sure the areas were very numb before starting to ensure maximum comfort.

    A milium (single for milia) is a small superficial cyst formed in the top layer...

  • A Pilar Cyst Tango: It Takes 2

    We all know it takes 2 to tango, so we couldn't leave our Pilar Cyst without a partner! Here is session 2 from this lovely patient.

    Part 1:

  • Trimming Off Extra Earlobe Meat

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Starting the year with a little earlobe trimming... out with the old and in with the new right?

  • Dr. Pimple Popper's Best of 2020: Blackheads!

    Since this year has been a rough one, we've got to end it with a salute to some of the best pops it has brought us - namely, some really great blackheads!!
    Cheers to 2021, may the blackheads be plentiful!

  • Dr. Pimple Popper's Top Pops of 2020: Epidermoid Cysts!

    This year we've seen some really great cysts come through the office and I love sharing each and everyone of them with you... these, however are some of my favorites! Some Cheeky Cysts, Some that are MUCH Bigger than they appear, Others that came out SO Perfectly, and The Most 2020 Cyst to Ever P...

  • A Helping Hand Lipoma

    Everything is better with a helping hand, or two, especially popping out a lipoma! My assistants always know exactly how to help; whether it's translating important information and comfort to a patient or a big squeeze to coax out a stubborn lipoma, these girls are the best around!

  • MORE Back Blackheads from Heaven!

    Part 1:

    Blackheads are something we are all familiar with, but did you know they are also called open comedones? Blackheads are usually caused by a pore that gets clogged with keratin (skin protein) and sebum (oil). Given th...

  • A 35 Year Old Gnocchi Pilar Cyst

    Found this pilar cyst 35 years later. Pasta for dinner tonight?

  • A Lipoma with Secret Pockets

  • Back to School with Dr. Pimple Popper: Pilar Cysts 101

  • Bonus Blackheads: Extended Cut

    Let's try this again! Back with more behind the ear blackheads! 👀

  • The Chicken Strip Lipoma

    I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck... I just want to extract this lipoma!

  • To Blackheads & Beyond!

    Every time this patient comes in for a visit, it launches him into bigger and better things... maybe we're his good luck charm? 😉

  • An Easy Going Steatocystoma... AND Bonus Blackheads!

    This steatocystoma was a surprise to me, but always satisfying to see PLUS those blackheads! 😍

  • A Dr. Pimple Popper Bedtime Story

  • The Story of 3 Pilar Cysts: Part 1 of 2

    Watch Part 2:

    This woman came in accompanied by her physician husband, who has a practice in Southern California as well. She was recommended to see me by her son, who is in medical school and happened upon my vi...

  • My Day with Bachelorette Hannah Brown & SLMD

    We're testing, Popaholic Hannah's knowledge on skin conditions and teaching her tips and tricks!